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About Suick Lures

The Suick Thriller is one of those lures that has been around forever. More than three generations have considered this a “go to” bait for catching trophy muskie & northern pike in almost any condition. With many sizes and weight options to pick from, it may be hard to decide just what Suick Thriller to use in your situation.


In most cases, early in the season the fish will prefer a smaller presentation, making our 4” & 7” models very popular choices. The 4” Thriller can be used with light tackle, and is excellent on bass, walleye, northern pike, and even an occasional muskie. The 7” Thriller is primarily a northern pike and muskie lure. It comes in two variations, (weighted and non-weighted) and both have their purposes. The non-weighted version is excellent for working over the top of weed beds and when casting up close to shore. The weighted version tends to run a little bit deeper, and rise a little slower, making it an excellent choice when working over deeper structure. It also allows you to work the lure a little slower which is very effective in cold water and cold front conditions. Over all the 7” weighted lure is extremely easy to use as well as being very effective.


As the season progresses, bigger lures will generally be the ticket. This is where our 9” and 10” models really start to shine. They are worked the same way as their smaller siblings, and also are available in weighted and non-weighted versions. Again, non-weighted Thrillers are intended for working over the top of weed beds and working shallow structure, and the weighted Thriller excels when working deep weed edges or pockets & over deeper structure.


Our newest addition to the Suick Thriller family is the Magnum 12” Thriller. This monster bait is excellent when working for giant muskies through the fall. The weighted version of this lure can be worked dead slow, and is dynamite when trying to convince large muskies its time to eat.


If you are new to the sport, or haven’t used a jerk bait in the past, we at Suick Lure Company recommend starting with weighted lures. These lures can be worked deeper, rise slower, and overall are easier to get a rhythm going with. Once you are comfortable working these lures, a non-weighted lure will be another excellent tool.


I would like to take this time to personally Thank You for using all of our Suick products. Mike Suick